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Outlet of Tuberculosis in Korea

Category: Tuberculosis | Tags: antituberculosis drug, lung, sputum, Tuberculosis

There were 121 culture-positive cases during the period of the study. Of the 121, 20 (17 percent) were resistant to isoniazid, 12 (10 percent) were resistant to streptomycin, nine (7 percent) were resistant to p-aminosalicylic acid, three (2 percent) were resistant to rifampin, and four (3 percent) were resistant to ethambutol. Of the 121 patients,…

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Recent studies of tuberculosis in Korean immigrants in the United States have demonstrated high rates of drug resistance. Reports of a 33 percent to 68 percent incidence of resistance to isoniazid and a significant incidence of resistance to other antituberculosis drugs as well have brought into question the value of isoniazid as prophylactic therapy for…

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Try the Wonder Pill to Save You from Embarrassment

Category: Erectile dysfunction | Tags: Erectile dysfunction, Sildenafil Citrate, Viagra

Despite countless men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED), it is considered a taboo to be enduring this phenomenon rather than a medical condition that requires immediate attention. It is an even bigger taboo to be discussing it openly as it is perceived to weaken the ‘manliness’ of the person suffering. This drives men to seek…

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Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy: Discussion of Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis

Category: Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis | Tags: alveolar macrophages, Bronchoalveolar lavage, pulmonary alveolar proteinosis

As in previous studies, we have shown that AM from patients with pulmonary alveolar proteinosis have decreased phagocytic ability in vitro. The acridine orange assay allows for a direct quantitative assessment of phagocytosis, and the present data show no differences in the proportion of macrophages from pulmonary alveolar proteinosis, compared with normal human AM, ingesting…

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The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is the largest national health-care system in the United States. As in the private sector, issues of regionalization, variation in access to care, and use of resources are very important to VHA. As part of ongoing evaluation of structure and function within the VHA, a survey of ICUs was conducted…

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Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy: Diffuse Pneumonitis

Category: Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy | Tags: lower respiratory tract infection

Serious childhood disease has been associated with adenovirus types 3, 7, and 21. Large epidemics have been reported in China. Polynesians in New Zealand and Indians and Metis in central Canada seem to be particularly susceptible. The mortality rate has approached 10 percent in native children from Canada. Acute pathologic features include inflammation of bronchi,…

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Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy: The Current Situation in the United States Concerning Home Care for Life-Supported Persons

Category: Home Care | Tags: education of patients, funding issue, life-supported persons, medicine, ventilator-assisted

Many ventilator-assisted children and adults remain needlessly in acute care centers at enormous costs in economic and human terms. They cannot leave institutions because the options they require in the community either do not exist or cannot help them due to inadequate expertise or reimbursement. Thus, these survivors remain in expensive care units, at costs…

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Pneumocystis carinll Pneumonia in the Patient with AIDS

Category: Pneumocystis | Tags: AIDS, Bronchoscopy, cough, pneumonia

Pneumonia due to Pneumocystis carinii is the most common life-threatening infection in patients with the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). It occurs at least once in some 60 percent of patients, and approximately one third of the pneumonic episodes are fetal. Despite an increasing awareness of other opportunistic infections in the syndrome, the proportion of patients…

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Canadian HealthCare Mall: Survival of Chronic Hypercapnic COPD Patients Is Predicted by Smoking Habits, Comorbidity, and Hypoxemia

Category: COPD | Tags: chronic obstructive, control of breathing, hypercapnia, pulmonary diseases, Respiratory Muscle Function, survival

COPD is an important cause of death and leads to a substantial disability. By the year 2020, COPD might become the fifth-leading cause of combined mortality and disability worldwide. Therefore, determining factors that might influence the course and prognosis of this disease is essential for making treatment decisions. Several studies have been performed to establish…

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Canadian HealthCare Mall: Relation Between Neurocognitive Impairment, Embolic Load, and Cerebrovascular Reactivity

Category: Reactivity | Tags: cerebrovascular reactivity, cognitive impairment, coronary artery bypass grafting, emboli, neuropsychology, off pump, on pump, ultrasonography

Neuropsychological impairment is a common complication of coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG). Although the cause of this cerebral injury is unclear, one of the frequently discussed pathophysiologic features in relation to conventional CABG with extracorporeal circulation (ECC) is focal dys-regulation caused by cerebral emboli. The advent of transcranial Doppler ultrasonography (TCD) provided a sensitive tool…

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